How to configure a Martech Stack to meet customer expectations?


Better the personalized experiences the brand provides, the more it can attract customers. 80% of the consumers agree to this statement, thus there is a rise of more than 7000 different marketing technology (Martech) in the market previous year. Many marketers are struggling to provide personalized customer experiences.

It is very difficult to connect this solution to the market stack that fulfill customer expectations. For a company with an artificial intelligence and machine learning-based personalized platform, prospective client challenges optimizing their Martech stack which may lead to a lack of personalized experiences which further lead to a decrease in revenue opportunities.

Achievement of true personalization and perfect Martech solutions can be gained by asking three questions to yourself.

What are your goals?

Before rushing to implement a solution based on the latest trend, find out what is your company’s marketing goals and whether your stack is up to the challenge. Take a holistic approach while implementing a solution and evaluate its impact on your business. Never implement a new tool just after seeing how it works in a demo but also find out how well it could help you achieve your company goals.

Does it facilitate a single view of the customer?

It is important to consider this question because every single tool in your stack must facilitate a single view of the customer and it helps you understand how each customer wants to interact with your brand. For example, whether the customer priority is a product, price, etc. Filling the gap of your stack helps you find a single view of the customer. For this, do the following steps 1) identify the gap 2) create an ideal framework 3) ask the vendor how the solution fits.

Is your view real-time?

Real-time tracking technology which includes analyzing customer’s interactions can help give behavioral insights and act accordingly. It leads to increased revenue, the redemption of loyalty member points and customer retention at a faster pace.

Thus, by answering these questions you can find the best fit solutions for the Martech stack. And the most important thing to consider is never to go behind the trend in selecting the tool before finding out whether it will fit your company goals.


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