How to target the right customers at the right time through Email Marketing?


Digital marketing is all about reaching customers with the right content at the right time. Having a very strong presence digitally is very important for businesses now more than ever with the lockdown and people using e-commerce websites and online platforms for entertainment, learning, and work.

The digital landscape is on a continuous shift and can sometimes cause confusions on the way to approach customers attractively but in any way, the approach would mostly be successful if they are a data-driven approach. Because of this email marketing has remained an effective strategy among marketers. Over the past 12 months, nearly 78% of the marketers are seeing an increase in email marketing according to a study by HubSpot.

There are many methods of reaching out to consumers successfully through email marketing. Here are a few of them that stand out more than others with their results.

Send email to consumers that find the content specifically needed for them. In a recent study “Wantedness” by Wunderman reveals that nearly 88% of consumers in the US are local to brands that meet their expectations and share their values.

Marketers need to understand the demographics and segmentation of customers and specifically send emails that befit customer needs. Marketers should also avoid sending emails continuously so as not to irritate the customers. 

Segmentation of the type of consumers is key to maximize their reply.

Segmentation of consumers is a powerful strategy to maximise consumer engagement and their click-through rates.

To start segmentation of consumers it is best to begin by most engaged, well engaged, semi engaged and least engaged and later again segment them to the consumers who have a purchase history with your business and ones who are potential customers.

Customize your content for each of the segmented consumers.

After segmentation, it is important to send a mail with customised content for each segment. It would be better to have a personal touch with the regular customers as it is not just being friendly but studies have shown that personalised email would are 26% more likely to be opened by consumers.

Overall, it is important to customise your marketing efforts to show the consumers about the businesses thought and care for them. The audience will feel more attached to the business by this process.


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