HUL integrates social media and mobile in marketing brands


March 29, 2013: The power of social mobile is growing so big that no company is untouched by this wave. Companies are looking for innovative ways to integrate social media and mobile in marketing their various brands. The company which is going aggressively with digital marketing is Hindustan Unilever. HUL is looking to integrate digital marketing in the planning stage itself and for this they are giving training to their marketing team. Even the CEO of Hindustan Unilever, Nitin Paranjpe has started taking lessons in social media. Every marketing manager in HUL is going through some learning and unlearning.

HUL started using social media since 2012 and since then it has drawn a digital road map for its various brands like Sunsilk, Lakme, Surf, Close up and so on. The uniqueness about all these brands is that the online target audience for these brands is high. The company is now integrating the social media and mobile marketing in the planning stage itself rather than having an approach of looking for the digital medium once the spending on Television and other mediums get exhausted.

HUL believes that young consumers are nowadays accessing internet three to four hours daily and they are accessing the digital space through computers and as well as mobile. The fact nowadays is that no brand can afford not to go digital and it has reached to a inflexion point where a clear digital map is required for brands based on its requirement.


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