“I still love TV ads”- 2012 College Marketing Report


There is some odd news for marketers from college students. According to latest research  report by Barnes and Noble College Marketing, college students still finds TV ads to be more effective than internet marketing…(now you got why I addressed  it as “odd”). The report  titled, 2012 College marketing report will help the marketing guys to understand the media habits, social and digital media behavior and marketing preferences of college students.

Marketing guys…have a look on these research findings. It could give us some new perspectives while targeting the booming young audience.

Top findings of the research are:

  1. I like TV ad:  It may sound odd, but that is the fact!!!they find TV ads to be more effective than other media. Brands….if you want to impress them go for airing more ads in TV.
  2. “Like” it facebook: about 65% of college students engage with their favorite brand by liking them on facebook. So brands you got a good place to advertise yourself to them in social media.
  3. Brand Loyalty drives me: Brand loyalty is what drives 26% of the college students to engage in social media, another 26 % can be motivated by a good coupon offer and 19% can be motivated by fun contest.

So what brands should thrive is to build loyalty towards its brands by college students.

  1. Oh no! Again the crap message: 61% of students plead their brands not to text them. If you think that smart phone penetration have made students mobile device as preferred point of contact, then you are wrong. 58% of them view the ads in their mails.
  2. Hey pal, pick up the red shirt: 59% of students told that friends are the ones who greatly influence their purchasing decisions both online and offline. This means that word of mouth is the biggest marketing tool in campuses.
  3. I don’t scan QR codes: It seems like QR codes are not that popular among students. 63% of the respondents told that they never scan QR codes on the packages.
  4. I will be your brand ambassador: 3Y generation students are keen to have a direct engagement with brands. Most of them are interested to be the on-campus ambassadors for brands while some love to accompany brand ambassadors while they move in.
  5. Are you selling for good?: Marketers, if your sales are tied with any charity, then students will be willing to spend more on your products. 70% of the respondents are willing to buy brands that support a charity cause.


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