Ice-creams in New Flavors and Combinations Making a Comeback


The all time favorite dessert loved by everyone, ice-cream has made a drastic comeback as a global trend. Now, it is not limited only during the summer season as it is gradually progressing to become an all season favorite.

Though the temperatures have dipped significantly this week, Bengaluru is embracing the ice-creams with different pairings and flavors that give the classic frozen dessert a new definition.

It has to be noted that a few years back, ice-creams were available in less than ten flavors. It was vanilla flavor that was the simplest one and tutti-frutti that was considered the most exotic flavor. These days are gone for good as the ice-cream makers are coming up with several flavors and are coming up with new and innovative flavor combinations as well.

One of the natural homemade ice-cream chains of Bengaluru is serving new flavors from the exotic brand Orient. They are spanning the authentic tastes from different nations such asVietnam,ChinaandThailandwith new flavors including tender coconut pan dan, lemongrass, moonbeam, water chestnut, kaffir lime and jasmine tea.

Regardign this, Sujala Parekh, the proprietor of the ice-cream chain claimed that Bengalureans are quite innovative and they do not want to relish the same flavors anymore. The ice-cream chain provides 64 bit unique and exclusive flavors that cover Indian and Italian elements. Their latest addition to the list of flavors is orange-and-basil.

Another ice-cream restaurant has a great menu including flavors such as brownies, cookies, malt, cinnamon bread, lemon olive oil and white rice flavors. Regarding this, the restaurant’s, pastry chef, Girish Nayak claimed that ice-creams speak a universal language. He added that it can be churned into a new flavor to complement a particular dish or to create a new dish by itself.

The other innovative ice-cream flavors and dishes include Cassata with olive oil twist and mango-orange ice-cream that is stuffed n toasted mini marshmallow. Ice-creams have become quite a rage as they are getting added to the appetizer menu of restaurants with black olive, mozzarella, avocado ice-cream and basil.








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