Impact of COVID-19 on E-commerce: 4 Digital Marketing Strategies to Boost your Brand


The COVID-19 pandemic brings a drastic change in the business market. Now, people are staying inside the home and maintaining social distance. This has affected our daily buying behavior and business operations.

The unprecedented crisis also affected e-commerce over the past couple of weeks due to the isolation and social distancing measures. Now, customers are preferring certain products over others, many are giving up nonessential products.

According to the study conducted by visualcapitalist, there is a huge hike in the demand for product categories such as disposable gloves, bread machines, cough and cold medicine, dishwashing supplies, packaged foods, weight training equipment, pet food, vitamins and toilet paper. The fastest declining product categories include luggage and suitcases, clothes and shoes, swimwear, gym bags, cameras and party and event supplies.

Overcoming through Digital Marketing

To overcome this crisis, the brands have to adopt new strategies. For grabbing the attention of your target market, your digital presence is very important. Here are some tips to adjust your digital marketing strategy.

  1. Make your PPC campaign more effective

Nowadays, marketers have a tendency to switch off their Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns. Instead of switching off, you have to make it more effective. For the same, you can take measures like focusing on the most requested products & services, cutting your budget for keywords associated with the nonessential products and Investing in keywords with high conversion rates.

  • Use Email marketing to connect with customers

Email marketing is the most powerful tool in Digital Marketing. This helps to make the feeling of one to one communication to the customer, even if we are sending the mail to the entire list. You can promote products and provide important information about that.

Communicate about the pre-order campaigns so they can pay now and receive the product later. This helps to forecast the demand and collect money in advance for meeting the current financial needs. Providing complementary products (like eBooks, videos, games etc) will help to keep customers happy and engaged.

  • Be useful in social media

Now, people are spending more time on social media. So, the brands can utilise this opportunity for marketing. By creating customer communities, they feel more connected. Always provide useful contents for them and post entertaining & positive things to help them overcome these hard times.

  • Share positive stories to journalists

Try to share your positive stories and experiences in the media, this will make people happy and hopeful. Tell how your brand is facing this situation and helping others. Cite funny moments that put a smile on people’s faces.

These are some ideas to help you to adapt your e-commerce digital marketing to the current crisis. Always be creative, positive and build strategies that suit your business.


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