Impacts and lasting effects of COVID-19 in Marketing


COVID-19 has already changed the world and the digital behavior of people will see a sea change within a couple of months and marketers are likely to face a big challenge arising out of this situation. Consumerism won’t be the same in the post COVID era.

Marketers feel that there will be a positive change in the consumer behavior and they feel that an already arriving inevitable change arrived at a faster pace due to the increase of usage in digital platforms.

Marketing strategies should also change in accordance with the shift in priorities of consumers. For the marketers to handle the post COVID era they should get a competitive edge right now with the implementation of few strategies.

Businesses should show their care to consumers in difficult times and engage with them so that the consumers stay loyal. This pandemic has shown us how much we can digitally connect with each other with increased online users and consumers than ever. It is found in research by McKinsey & Company that people have increased their screen time from 3 – 6 hours in a day for work, learning, and entertainment purposes.

People have been sitting at home with a unified goal for the greater good of humanity. Brands should focus on the customer sentiments with innovative ideas. Leading sports brand Nike has already started the campaign urging the people to stay indoors with their slogan “play inside, play for the world”. The Nike brand has also waived the fees for its Nike Training Club App.

Consumers usually sway to the businesses that protect their employees during tough times such as these and also focus on the companies’ charity work when making a purchase. Most consumers take these issues to their concern.

Most crisis will initially affect the marketing team, but this pandemic is different. The internet usage of people has increased 50 to 70 percent as of now and e-commerce site are having increased traffic more than ever. This is the optimal time for new marketing strategies to create a strong online bond between them and the consumers. We can see that many applications and websites rising day by day such as Zoom app for video conferencing of a large number of people, Cure fit app for physical and mental fitness and even the all-new game of GTA5 is being given free to consumers by Epic Games so that they stay indoors.


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