Importance of User Generated Content in a post COVID-19 marketing strategy


The world as we know it is on the verge of a monumental change with the change in buying behavior of the consumers to how potential consumers research and interact with the brand. There would be immense changes happening within weeks apart and if the companies don’t flow with tide it would not end well for them.

With the world in lockdown, people have taken to shopping online more than ever i.e. even for essentials. There has also been a massive increase in online entertainment and gaming. Changing trends that was inching their way have increased it scale to a full pace. As post COVID world will not be same as it was before, brands should be innovative in implementing new ways to attract potential customers and maintain existing customers. These rapid changes in marketing will also give rise to new opportunities for growth in business.

Marketing technique with human touch such as User Generated Content (UGC) is more popular with people nowadays. It is found that nearly 55% of customers trust UGC rather than any other forms of marketing.

So, what is UGC? Any content created by brand followers, product users or consumers can be said to be UGC. It can also be any brand posts on social networking sites with customers or potential customers. UGC is more trusted among people as people trusts other people more than advertisements, people such as family, friends or other people in social media play a more vital role nowadays than any other marketing strategy. UGC is viewed as a free testimonial which humanizes your brand which in turn drives more sales. UGC are more likely to be shared through social media such as forwarding or retweeting. It also saves immense amount of money and time for marketing purposes. With the reduced budget during the lockdown UGC is a good way for marketers to meet their targets in sales.

In the near future changes are to happen on a monumental level and all of us should be prepared for it. We should take all aspects of it into consideration and be prepared for them all to survive the inevitable change.


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