India Emerges Biggest Market for Opera Mini Mobile Browser


Opera Mini is one of the popular mobile phone browsers and it has managed to gain a user base of 50 million inIndia. This way,Indiais the largest market for the Norwegian company that is looking for possibilities for acquisitions in the mobile advertising space in the nation.

The Chief Executive Officer of Opera Software, Lars Boilesen predicts that the number of users inIndiais slated to double reaching 100 million users within a year’s time frame. This is estimated as the browser is witnessing a great growth rate owing to the penetration of smartphones. It is also revealed that one fourth of the growth has come from Nokia’s Xpress web browser that has further strengthened its presence in the country.

The executive added that the Indian market is a mobile first one and there are loads of people who are yet to be connected to data. Opera Software will focus its global operations in markets such asRussiaandIndonesiaas the users in these markets will access the internet for the very first time using their mobile devices. Opera Mini has managed to gain over 300 million users across the world so far.

TheRedmondbased software giant Microsoft acquired Nokia’s Xpress web browser for a sum of $7.5 billion back in September. A month since then, the Xpresss web browser user base of 100 million were asked to migrate to the Opera Mini that is the default browser for Microsoft’s feature phones and the Asha lineup of devices.

Of the 100 million migrated users, one fourth is inIndiawherein the aforementioned feature phones were luring the consumers and selling like hot cakes. For this reason, Opera Mini has managed to gain such a large user base in the South Asian subcontinent making it the biggest market for the web browser.

The Opera Mini web browser is pretty useful as it increases the browsing speed, reduces stalling by compressing the data by 90 percent and increases the data consumption. Interestingly, this rise in the data usage does not toll the users by driving up the usage bills.



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