Indian consumers love for desi namkeen snacks!


Latest buzz in the India food industry is the changing tastes and preferences of Indian consumers in having snacks. Recently I read news that Desi namkeen is replacing potato chips and finger sticks in a branded salty snacks market.

There is an increasing trend among the consumers in buying traditional packed snacks over the much branded potato chips and finger sticks which was popularized by the western part of the world.

Packed desi sev bhujia, cahanachur, chiva and nuts are turning to be the favorite snacks for the Indian consumer. According to a latest report by Nielsen India, the packed desi namkeen accounted for 52% of sales in an Rs 9400 crore branded salted snacks market in India.

Till three years back, potato chips and finger sticks dominated the snacks market. But now the market witnesses a boom in the sale of branded traditional salty snacks. In the opinion of the market watchers, it is not the consumer preference for namkeen snacks over western snacks that boost the sales but it’s the up gradation in buying the branded namkeen snacks from loose products that are sold out in bakeries.

What prompts the consumers to buy traditional branded snacks is the hygiene factor. The growing concern about health and disease among the consumers is encouraging them to choose hygienic products like the homely namkeen snacks.

According to the market experts, the unorganized namkeen snacks market is so huge that even none of them have the real estimate of the market. So the potential is huge….the dislike for branded traditional salty snacks will give an opportunity for the unorganized players in the industry to market their products to a wider customer base by creating a brand for their namkeens.

Consumers in India are changing in all the ways… either in food consumption pattern or in film consumption part. Whatever be the reason, changing consumers means new opportunities for marketers to explore…..



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