Indian consumers outsmart the world in online grocery purchase


Many of us must have experienced, at least once, the easiness and user friendly features extended by online retailing. E-tailing (online retailing) often cut down the long hours we need to spent on shopping malls as well as shopping fatigue. Being encouraged by these advantages, Indian shoppers are now showing an increased trend for online shopping, even for food and grocery!

Indian customers are increasingly getting on to online retail stores and this is revealed by a research conducted by Nielsen India. Better logistics facilities and use of advanced technology services have prompted Indian shoppers to go for online retailing. Also home delivery system coupled with discount schemes and product reviews often helps customers to make easy purchase decisions.

Research conducted by Nielsen India highlights that 25% of the surveyed people expressed their interest in buying even food and beverages through e-tailing. Food items which were long regarded as exclusives to the offline world are now made easily available by a single click of a button. Travel expense to offline destination is the prime reason cited for increased online grocery shopping.

Rising food prices and health issues have a great impact on increased grocery purchase, both globally and nationally. Availability of products with increased nutritional benefits, and nearby retail stores has also fostered grocery trading in India. When coming to online grocery shopping through any internet connected device like PC, tablet, and mobile phone, India stands at the top. Global average calculated for online grocery shopping trend is 25 where as in case of India, the average value is 33. From this figure, it is obvious that Indian customers outsmart the world in online grocery purchases.

Online food and grocery retailing driven by advanced technologies is greatly capturing the fancy of Indian shoppers. is example for such a firm employing supply chain technology that permits customers to place orders through multiple channels. Also technology aids shoppers to select their routine choices without much effort. Each time the shopper logs in he will be provided with a history of previously bought items, from which he can pick out his routine choices.  In fact these tech savvy shopping experiences are emerging as a popular trend among Indian home makers.




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