Indian domestic digital commerce market to witness higher growth in 2014: IAMAI Report


May 12, 2014: The Indian digital commerce market which has got over 2.5 crore online buyers and 21.3 crore internet users according to Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) is expected to witness a higher growth in 2014. The new report which is in the process of finalization is expected to be released next month. IAMAI which is still in the process of collating the data has given a preview of the data which is going to be released.

According to IAMAI, the digital commerce market in India in 2012 was Rs.47,349 crore and the market grew by 33 per cent last year. The 2013 figures of digital commerce market stood at Rs.62,967 crore and is expected to rise this year. In a statement by Mr.Niotpak Chakravarti, AVP, IAMAI, “We are certainly hoping to post a higher growth this year over the last year on account of a host of factors, including a higher number of internet users in the county.”

The buoyancy in 2014 is being attributed to increase in trust level and better internet penetration. Pricing advantage is also said to be one of the reasons for spiraling growth of digital commerce market. The IAMAI report suggests that travel business accounted for nearly 71 per cent of the digital commerce market and it was valued at Rs.44,907 crore forming the major chunk.



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