Indian Luxury Brands Eye the Global Markets such as US and Europe


The luxury brands across the globe are eager in setting up their respective shops in the country right now. At this point of time, some of the Indian luxury brand owners have set up their target on the global markets.

Usually, theIndiabased brands find it hard to crack the markets of Europe andAmericaas they are too tough. But, the boutiques in Hong Kong, Europe, US andChinahave reached to the global customers and have become quite successful. This is not the case only with the big companies who have managed to gain this global charge, but even those firms that exclusively involved in diamond jewelry, luxury trunks, expensive hand-knotted carpets, hotels and designer wear.

Mumbai based jeweler, Nirav Modi and the owner of a namesake brand is involved in opening exclusive boutiques in Hong Kong andNew Yorkin July this year. The store inNew Yorkwill be located onMadison Squarealong with the brands such as Vacheron Constantin and Hermes.

Regarding this, Modi claimed that the plan is to open a five to ten stores ever year. He is one of the brand owners who have felt the requirement to expand globally as there is a huge demand for his jewelry pieces at international auctions and from those visitingIndia. Likewise, the Trunks Company based in Jaipur is focusing to go on a global spree by launching an international brand for its high-end trunks that are priced at a few lakh rupees. He added that there are several offers from distributors and investors abroad that are planning to take their brand out ofIndia.

When it comes to high-end carpets, Jaipur Rugs is an exporter and rug maker based in the city. After years of catering to the demand of the home décor brands in the Western region, the firm has decided to create a brand identity for its products in theUSmarket. The firm has struck a deal related to co-design and distribution with National Geographic, the largest media network to manufacture “made inIndia” products that will be sold in US with its branding. The firm has also partnered with Kate Spade, an American fashion house to create a children’s lineup.





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