Indian women opening-up for a new fashion statement


Indian women are changing their squeamish attitude for their lingerie and inner wears and they no more occupy the bottom place in their shopping lists and what to say if it is a international brand. A global inner wear brand is entering the Indian markets and takes tentative steps to establish the brand. Aravind Ltd., the Lalbhai group’s apparel firm has entered an agreement with HanesBrands Inc., the US based company to launch its celebrated Wonderbra lingerie in India.

The global brand foresees an opportunity of generating sales of Rs. 500 crore in lingerie and undergarments segment which is valued at Rs.1800 crore. The leading brand in women’s lingerie, Wonderbra is a type of push-up brassiere that became popular in the 90’s. The global brand, owned by Hanes, emphasizes sex appeal and extends its line to other lingerie items as well.

No wonder, that the brand received more than 100,000 customer queries within five days of its launch in India. Hello girls!! This is what the brand says to Indian women. Indian women are a long way forward about their lingerie tastes, and they are no longer seen buying inner wears in pairs or colors like black, white, or skin color. The desire to feel sexy and shop for the best body definers are seeing deeper inroads and don’t stop just with the women living in metros.

The Wonderbra retailers in India say that the brand is set for a revolution in the country. Indian women are confident about them and are open to experiment with this intimate piece of clothing. Indian women no longer consider bra as an everyday garment and this intricate clothing has a strong connection with the body positivism.

Women in India have changed their mode of mixing a cheaper cotton bra with their expensive party wear and have started purchasing lingerie for different occasions. Women living in both tier-II and tier-I cities have begun crossing their barriers from the days of frowzy innerwear to attractive and glamorous lingerie. No doubt, the brand is going to have its good part of sales in India and the trend says it all.









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