iPhone5 sales breaking all records!


If you ask me what is the latest happening in the technology world, I will say its iPhone5!!! Every bit of news in print as well as social media carry at least one piece of news on new iPhone5.

Despite of the much discussed patent war between Apple and Samsung, Apple was quite successful in creating much hype for its new offering iPhone5. There was an overwhelming response from the tech savvy consumers for the phone.

And the latest buzz is that Apple iPhone5 sales are soaring high. New reports from Apple claims that they have received over 2 millions of orders within 24 hours of is launch!!! For Apple it  is history in making as it is the biggest ever launch volume, just double than the bookings they received for their iPhone4S.

Well, Apple calls this response as “phenomenal” and yes it is really phenomenon because no other phone launch in its history has received such an overwhelming response from consumers.

It’s said that the as the pre-booking started, the initial stocks with the mobile provider in US got over and as a result Apple was forced to extend the shipping time for the device to October.  The rumor is that tech savvy consumers have already lined up in front of company’s store in New York when the product will be available only on September 21.  There was interesting news in technology site CNET that people with heavy bags and sleeping bags was seen outside the Apple’s retail outlet. The case is not different in London too….

Experts estimate that the sales of iPhone5 will surge up to 45.21 million by the end of the financial year 2013 if the situation mentioned above is likely to continue (lol!!)!!!

iPhone5 also helped Apple to increase its share value too….Apple’s share surpassed $700 in the share market…and is expected to increase further as the sales for the device increases. Well, it seems like iPhone5 is going to bring a lot of earning for Apple and its suppliers.


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