IPL – A Heaven for Telecom Cos.


IPL has been a Super Success for ad campaigns, and if you are a cellular service provider, you might just be on seventh heaven after the recent edition of the IPL. As a marketer, are you a part of this success story?

Who else would have enjoyed the long streak of 76 matches featuring 9 teams in the 2012 edition of the IPL?  Surely, some fans would’ve wanted some more matches and catch all the prime time action.  But the bigger question is that did the marketers really enjoy this 54 day extravaganza from a sponsorship perspective. Well some did and some didn’t.

Cellular Service providers topped the charts yet again as per the TAM sports research in commercials as well as on-screen ads. More than the cricketers these companies seemed to have a more consistent performance. Vodafone and Idea Cellular share top spots in this year’s IPL – Idea Cellular being the surprise winner this year!

Vodafone, a leading cellular service provider yet again came up with an interesting way of tickling your funny bone and at the same time communicating what they needed to. Their themes graduated from the unforgettable zoo zoos back in 2008 to a outdoor game show like theme set in Prague with commentary in multiple languages. Not to forget, Vodafone topped the charts in commercials as well as the on screen pop up ads!

Idea Cellular debuted in the 2009 edition and after not so great years came good in this year’s edition. They came in second this year promoting the 3g and the internet and a new smart phone. The next in line was Tata Docomo making it a perfect 3 in the advertising hall of fame in this year’s IPL (wonder where Airtel went?)

One thing what we Indians love doing is talking! And if that can be done in the most cost effective way – nothing like it! Cellular Service Providers are crossing swords to bank on this potential and advertising is one way of gaining the mind share. Since IPL has been a super success for these players over the years there is no prize for guessing who’ll be there waiting ready with some more mind boggling ads in the next edition of the IPL.


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