IPL now on Social Media


Each and every brand is now competing to make its presence felt on Social media and brands are keen on increasing their social media budget. The viral potential of the medium is absorbed well by the companies and they have entered the social media sphere with IPL to attract a large group of fans.  Social Media is now turning a boon to both brands and teams. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and others are streaming live about IPL fueling a huge deal of conversation among fans. Pictures, videos and discussions are amplifying the engagement and involvement of fans in a greater way.

For brands and companies, it is all about increasing their brand value and social media presence and it is working well for them. Pepsi has tied-up with Twitter and Google+ and are conducting special hangout sessions. This will enhance viewer discussion sessions, and sentiments among people.  When this is happening with Pepsi, Zoo zoos which captured the hearts of audience right from its launch have started appearing again in a new avatar.

IPL is the best time for brands to create a buzz and brands are doing it successfully to a greater extent. Social media is now more like a neighborhood café where people carry out hot discussions on a variety of topics. The companies have increased their budget for social media spending considerably and are now keen about setting up social media command centers. The social media command centers would help companies analyze and keep up with customers. Brands are now into innovative and fascinating campaigns in order to increase the visibility and also to target new markets. Marketing associations with IPL have been promising for brands and it is likely for brands to take the campaign further with a high momentum.

IPL has now turned into a grand event and is one of the most expected events of the year. Piggybacking on the gala event would only bring popularity for brands and the brands are more likely to get noticed and talked about. The IPL mega event is raising in popularity and so is the social media.



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