Is Offering Warranties a publicity stunt of Home Developers?


Recently many property builders have come out with a new marketing strategy to attract home buyers. Many of the prominent developers are now offering warranties for their fully or semi-furnished residential projects. Warranty is often offered for all electronic appliances in a fully-furnished apartment and also for waterproofing of flats. But whether these warranties extended by home developers are really useful for customers is a matter to be thought about.

Home developers in cities of Delhi and Mumbai are now offering warranties to sell their fully or half completed projects.  Warranty offered for home appliances (in the apartment for sale) is for a period of 1-3 years and for waterproofing of flats up to 10 years. 80% of the developers in Maharashtra are now following this innovative marketing strategy to draw the attention of potential buyers.

Selling homes with electronic appliances is not a new thing. But handing out warranty cards of home appliances to buyers at the time of possession of the house is really a new stuff. Anyway, surprising matter is that, the warranty card extended by home developers is the one that is provided to developers by different companies at the time of purchase (home appliance). Developers are merely passing company warranty cards to customers as own!

Apart from offering warranty for home appliances, developers have now started giving warranty for paints also. This warranty takes care of issues like shade fading, growth of algae, fungus, and moss. It is obvious that the builders are thus playing trick by merely passing the warranty (of 5-7 years) offered by various paint companies according to the quantity of paint purchase.

Also the warranty offered for water proofing is not for individual apartments, but for the whole building. In fact there is no extra cost for developers and they are really playing a publicity stunt to gain potential buyers. Therefore it is better to buy apartments without warranty supporting materials. Instead of that, customer can claim cash discounts which help them to buy products of their choice even at a lesser cost.


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