Future proof Samsung Smart TV


First there were smart phones, now come the smart TVs and they are by no means a disappointment. Redefining the concept of a TV, smart TVs are surely something to watch out for!

The idiot box has just got smart! And so has the whole concept of a television. Gone are those days in which you switch your TV for those prime time soaps, or the news or even an interesting cricket match. Now is the age of the smart users. The success of smart phones seems to have had its effect on televisions as well giving rise to Smart TVs. Apart from getting your daily dose of entertainment from the numerous channels; you can now connect to the wonderful world of the internet from your TV itself. Apart from that there is plethora of goodies in store for you in a smart TV ensuring that your TV is future proof.

One brand that comes to my mind while thinking of a Smart TV is Samsung. Samsung is eying a 35% market share in the flat TV category and the Smart TV feature might just help Samsung do the trick. Here’s what you get to experience in a Samsung Smart TV:

Apps Galore – You can use the Facebook app or even the Skype app or even the weather app or may be watch videos on YouTube, available from the Samsung TV Hub and many more other apps in the Smart TV. The number of apps depends on the model and the region.

Web Browser – Google your way into the Web World and search for all the information, check your mails and lots of other fun stuff on your TV. What more can you ask for.

Motion and Voice Control – Would you have ever imagined controlling your tv with gestures or your voice? No? The smart TVs make it possible.

You can connect your Smart TV to the web by a simple Wi-Fi connection and a proprietary modem. If you already have a wireless broadband connect then the next thing you’ll need is a Smart TV.  And yes did i forget to mention – most of these TVs are 3d enabled as well! So are you getting your future proof TV?!


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