ITC expands Vivel’s skin care range, launches Vivel Cell Renew


Feb 12, 2013: ITC recently launched its new range of skin care products under its leading brand Vivel. ITC launched Vivel Cell Renew which comprises of body lotion, face moisturizer and hand creme  Vivel Cell Renew is said to have an advanced formula which helps in repairing damaged cells and fortifies the skin. The product has got 10 times the benefits of Vitamin E helps in replenishing lost nutrients and helps in building up natural defenses of the skin.

The skin care segment in India is estimated to be Rs.7,000 crore and is considered as a rapidly growing segment. ITC with the launch of its new range of products under Vivel Cell Renew is trying to leverage the opportunities in the market which is highly competitive. Vivel Cell Renew has been developed by Vivel Skin Science and the products under this brand is said to provide the customers a holistic skin care experience.


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