Jewellery market trend: DNA embossed Jewellery


June 1, 2014: There is lot of research going into studying DNA patterns of human beings. Now the advancements in DNA pattern study is being brought into jewellery industry. Kalyan Jewellers is partnering with iDNA Graphics, a pioneer in DNA studies to launch a new breed of personalized jewellery named ‘Helix DNA’. kalyan jewellery logo

This new jewellery collection will imbibe a person’s DNA pattern into the design of bracelets, pendents, rings etc. Matching of DNA to jewellery design ensures better expression of one’s personality and individuality. Individuals can go to Kalyan’s outlets, choose the desired jewellery and submit a DNA sample. The sample is collected through a special kit and then it is sent to iDNA , who will generate a graphical representation of the DNA sample and sends it back. This graphical image will be then embossed on to the jewellery.

Now why this is good? It is generally considered that anything that we wear as jewellery if it reflects one’s own personality and lucky stones, it is generally considered to be good as it creates positive vibrant energy. Kalyan hopes to leverage this belief of Indian society and believes that this new trend will become popular especially in some brands of jewellery like lucky stones, mangalsutra etc.

The company plans to offer Helix DNA jewellery collection in 15 showrooms first across India. It is part of the 100 year old Kalyan group who is also into textiles.


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