Job Market Trends: Skills to join start up firms!


India is fast becoming a hub of many innovative business ventures. Many successful product and service firms are mushrooming in India, with many of them having the potential to make it big. This opens up job opportunities too. But in the start up firms they look for a different set of skills than the matured larger enterprises. Let us look at those basic skills sets required for joining start up firms

  • Be focused and committed. Start-up firms take its own time to get its foot in the market. So be prepared for a long term association and remain focused and committed to the vision and dream we are building together.
  • Be dynamic and agile. A start up thrives on agility and innovation and this would need dynamically changing the internal environment and external engagement to fit the changing needs of their customers and the market environment
  • Be flexible. Unlike larger enterprises, jobs will not be one dimensional and well structured. Here be open to take up multiple responsibilities and new tasks too, hence having cross functional and verticals skill sets or at least a flexible mind to take up such tasks is important.
  • Be Self-driven. You cannot expect a start up firm to set up a bigger training infrastructure to scale you up and motivate you. They expect everyone to be passionate and self-driven. In fact everyone can be an entrepreneur in their own job sphere.
  • Be realistic. Dont expect the firm to return benefits too quickly. You need to have realistic expectations in line with the state of the start up firm. You should be  planning to grow along with the firm. On a lighter note you should be looking from start up firm an option of ‘pay as you grow’ model.

Here is an interesting lecture on the benefits of joining a start-up firm


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