Kellogg to make cereal as a snack in addition to breakfast food


Kellogg Co is in an attempt to widen its product portfolio in India by persuading the consumers to consider cereal as a snack option. Earlier, cereal was considered only as a breakfast food, and now the brand is convincing the consumers to take it as a snack, stated John Bryant, the Chief Executive of Kellogg Co. He stated that the company is seeking to increases its sales in the country by three folds.

Regarding this, Bryant stated that they need to just stretch an arm to become a snacks company. Kellogg being the largest breakfast cereal manufacturer in the world has a value of $14.6 billion. In an interview, the CEO of Kellogg stated that they have become a snack company in Shanghai and Mexico. In order to reach the high-frequency small retail stores, the Rs 5 and Rs 10 packets of the cereal will help.

Bryant was in Chennai for three days in the last week. He stated that the sales from India accounted to about 10 percent of the overall sales in the Asia-Pacific region.

He stated that it is not unusual for the companies to be relatively smaller in the first decade. It was further stated that the base in volumes terms in the country is good. However, India is not as big as it is expected to be in terms of dollar. Kellogg has invested a sum of $100 million in the country in the past 18 months in manufacturing, people and products apart from building its brands.

Outside the U.S., U.K., and Canada, India is sole country that the Kellogg panel has met, stated Bryant. He also stated that he expects that the local bosses engage with the government of India to ensure that the firm conforms with the regulations, regarding the Nestle issue that is going on the consumer market.





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