Kirtilals Introduces Multifunctional Versatile Jewelry in Kerala to Suit Trendy Customers


Kirtilals jewelry brand that deals with fine diamond and gold ornaments has announced the launch of multifunctional versatile jewelry that can go with any outfit or style. Basically, such versatile jewelry can transform from one product to another.

As per Muruganadam, Store Operations Manager, Kirtilals at the launch of this new collection, the jewelry can be used in multiple ways like a ring can be used as a bracelet or a pendent as a pair of dangling earrings or bracelet. This new multifunctional versatile jewelry collection is priced starting from Rs 15,000, and it highlights the design elements and the multiple functionally of the products. This way, these jewelry products can be bought by users who like to match the ornaments with different outfits.

It is emphasized that this entire collection of versatile jewelry will be economical for the customers as they need not buy separate pendant or stud with the ones that they purchase.

Regarding this, the executive at Kirtilals stated that the consumer market is changing rapidly, and besides gold ornaments, customers are pretty open to eccentric design and jewelry. In order to lure customers towards Kirtilals, the jewelry chain has come up with this contemporary versatile jewelry collection. With these products, customers can transform a piece of jewelry into different products and use them with ease.

Moreover, this lineup of jewelry announced by the firm is lightweight to suit everyday usage. The products feature minimal prong thickness that in turn reduces their weight. These features not only lure trendy customers, but also make them affordable to suit the budget of price conscious buyers.

Kirtilals is a diamond jewelry retailer with a huge presence in the Southern part ofIndia. The retailer was founded in 1939 by Shri. Kirtilal Kalidas Mehta inCoimbatoreand it is involved in manufacturing and retailer gold and diamond jewelry. They were rewarded with the ‘Best Jewelry Designer of the Year’ by All India Gems & Jewelry Federation in 2013.



















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