Know more about Ambush Marketing


Ambush marketing is a technique in marketing, where a company tries to create a buzz on its product or advertise its product in some big event. The company advertises its product without paying any sponsorship amount or without being an official sponsor of the event. The concept of ambush marketing is becoming more prevalent today and attracts the attention of people globally. The companies rather than opting for a full sponsorship package, sign a deal with a particular team or an athlete to promote its product.

Ambush marketing has got another name ‘Parasitic Marketing’. The best places to use the ambush marketing techniques are sports events, and this was one of the strategies followed during the World cup and the London Olympics last year. The official sponsors of the game are concerned about the intruding of other advertisers in the events. The organizers of the event will be keen about their sponsors’ comfort and convenience and hence prevent other players from intruding the area. To make ambush marketing simpler for students it can be explained as a group of people who face and unexpected attack from another group who were waiting for them. To know more about ambush marketing technique, click here.


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