Know what is permission-marketing


Permission marketing is a term that makes a common appearance in e-marketing. This is opposite to interruption marketing and marketers in this form of marketing obtain permission from customers before proceeding to the next step. Marketers, for example, ask permission for sending emails, and newsletters to prospective customers. The strategy is commonly adopted by email marketers, email marketers and search marketers.

This form of marketing requires prospective customers to give their consent to marketers to send their promotional messages. The permission can be given explicitly via email or in any other form. The customer should allow a promotion that is commercial by nature. For example, consider someone purchasing watches, the online websites may request permission to show the customer the best brands available in best prices. This is one way the marketers make use of their resources in an efficient way. The method turns out to be effective and efficient because marketers advertise them only if the customer expresses his interest. This is one of the marketing techniques adopted by the marketers to have a personal marketing orientation. Marketing should be done on a one-to-one basis to yield results rather than using complicated segments of marketing like target marketing etc.  To know more about permission marketing, click here.


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