Knowing Samsung Bixby, the new personal digital assistant


Samsung which introduced Bixby, the new personal digital assistant during the unveiling of Galaxy S8 smartphones is looking forward to break into the voice activated virtual assistant market. The market which has biggies like Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa is definitely going to give some stiff competition to Samsung Bixby. These tech sector rivals have been doing extremely well in the world market. Samsung with Bixby is trying to go one step ahead with image recognition and context awareness features.

Samsung Bixby which is yet to speak is still work in progress and has yet to be infused with technology from Samsung’s recently acquired Viv, a company founded by creators of Apple’s Siri. The new personal digital assistant from Samsung has got a integrated camera function and a photo recognition technology. Integrated camera function will allow users to access websites and other information of a place or a person by snapping a photo.

Samsung Bixby will face competition from established players even from Samsung’s own phones, where users can choose to use Assistant, Cortana or Alexa. Google Assist will give a stiff competition to Bixby because its best-in-class Google Assistant will be on the home button of the new phone, which is powered by Google-backed Android software. Amazon also has got a winner in hands with its connected speakers using Alexa. The service allows users a wide range of voice interactions for music, news, purchases. It can be connected with smart home devices.


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