Learn the nuances of Viral Marketing


The word viral hints something that spreads and the same is true with marketing. Spreading actually helps businesses and helps to improve market. Viral marketing is a phenomenon in marketing that encourages people to spread the message. The effectiveness of viral marketing depends on the rate at which the message is passed. If a huge number of recipients pass along the message to a large group of friends then the overall growth reaches its peak quickly. On the other hand, if the pass-on rate is slow then the technique becomes totally ineffective.

Businesses now integrate with them the strategy of viral marketing and if not, they at least claim to have one. However, very few businesses acquire success with this technique. Hot mail is the most quoted example for viral marketing. Viral marketing campaigns are an effective way of capturing attention of the audience whether it is online or offline. One of the famous viral marketing campaigns which comes to everybody’s mind is that of Nike’s Touch of Gold by Ronaldinho, where the football icon takes a pair of new Nike boots and demonstrates his amazing football skills.  Another ad which captured attention is that of a Gorilla playing drums for Cadbury’s.  To know more about the viral marketing techniques click here.




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