Lenovo and Motorola Continue Sales as Separate Brands in India


China based Lenovo acquired Motorola, but the brands Motorola and Lenovo will sell individually in India as it is in the initial stages of identifying the markets where only a single brand will exist. This was announced by a senior executive.

Colin Giles, Head of Worldwide Sales at Motorola Mobility claimed that depending on the market, the firm is identifying the brand that will be more suitable for a market. In a market likeIndia, it is claimed that both Lenovo and Motorola are quite successful and the firm believes to sustain both the brands.

Lenovo will sell both the branded smartphones inIndiaandChina. The North American markets including US will receive only the Motorola branded devices and Asian markets will receive only the Lenovo branded ones. Giles added that since the acquisition of Motorola Mobility, Lenovo has integrated the supply chain and manufacturing operations of the two firms and is trying to merge the back-end operations as well. However, Motorola will remain an individual entity and the stores of both the firms will not carry the other’s offerings.

HE added that the firm has received a strong presence with Motorola in the Latin American and North American markets and the same inAsiawith Lenovo. Bringing the firms together is likely to help the firm get a global footprint with the ability to scale up on a global basis.

Giles went on adding that the Indian market is important and it is the top priority now unlike the past. All the product launches will happen initially inIndiaor with a worldwide launch. The firm seems to be highly successful inIndiawith over three million devices sold in the last year.

Currently, inIndia, Motorola sells its smartphones only via its exclusive online partner Flipkart. It is said that the customers in the country can soon experience the devices at the Motorola owned experience-cum-service centers like that first one that was launched in Bengaluru lately. Such centers will also help in ordering the devices through Flipkart.

The firm is currently in plans to launch a plethora of 4G smartphones inIndia. It will also provide customization options with Moto Maker and a slew of back and front panel colors with personalized messages.


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