LINE Premium Call with Low-Cost IP Phone Service Launched


August 29, 2014: LINE, the leading mobile platform across the world with an 18 million user base inIndiahas come up with the Android edition of the LINE Premium Call service. This is a low-cost IP phone service that will let users to make calls to the landlines and mobile devices to almost 200 countries directly from their LINE app. This service does not require any initial configuration, thereby making it simple and straightforward to use.

The application has an improved voice quality that will allow the users to talk for long duration without any disturbance due to voice breaking. This new service is available for both the Android and iOS users.

With the new release, LINE users can choose to make calls between existing free call service to the other users of the app and low-cost calls to the landlines and mobile devices, both local and international. This way, they can achieve a more convenient experience.

To use the LINE Premium Call, users will have to update the LINE app to the latest 4.6.0 version or above. Then, head on to the More Tab and choose LINE Premium Call. To make domestic calls, users have to dial the recipient’s phone number or select a contact from the phonebook, and tap on Call. To make international calls, users have to select the recipient’s country number, followed by the phone number and enjoy the low-cost, clear calls with their loved ones across the world.

LINE users can make local calls to the landlines or mobile devices at Rs 1.22 per minute. Also, they can pay in advance with the Call Credit method as well. For this, the user will have to purchase the Call Credit within the LINE app and there is a limit to the calling packages. The Call Credit purchased via Google Play should be used up within 180 days of purchase.

Ever since its launch, the LINE free call service is completely committed to enhance the quality of the voice calls, video calls and Premium Call consistently. For the same, LINE is conducting several research and experiments with its testing environment in order to meet the rigorous international standards such as ITU-T recommendations.



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