Liril soap brand relaunched by Hindustan Unilever


Who can forget Liril soap and the Liril ad? The famous gingle la lalaaalllaaaa being sung by a bikni clad girl dancing under a waterfall? Nostalgic feelings? Its time to hear it again. Liril soap brand relaunched by Hindustan Unilever is a news which many of us were waiting for. After more than a decade after it went off air, the Liril girl is back. Liril which made waves 40 years ago is being launched by Hindustan Unilever with a bang. According to George Koshy, General Manager, Personal Wash Category, HUL, “These are the roots of Liril. They don’t change. And what we’re doing is paying homage to the Liril that we all know, bringing alive the very same elements that have been part of our popular culture through time.”

If it was Karen Lunel who danced to the catchy jingle 40 years back followed by the likes of Pooja Batra, Preity Zinta and Deepika Padukone, its going to be feature Brazilian model Anabelle. Created by Lowe, the ad is already released on the social media. Reacting to the relaunch of Liril, the creator of the ad and former CEO of Lintas was quoted as saying, “I feel vindicated because there are some appeals that are timeless. Freshness in a tropical country has an eternal appeal which is now being revived.” He added that Liril promised a few minutes of freedom from the daily grind of the Indian housewife. HUL by this relaunch would be trying to push up sales in this category where it has just 2 per cent market share. The company used to have 14 per cent earlier.


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