List of some unknown but useful Google Tools


Google is expanding its services in a faster pace to sustain and propel in the technological sector. What more…Google has become our best companion online. I think there is a greater need for all of us to be aware of the product and services they offer.  Here I am presenting you with a list of Google tools which are still unknown but upseful. I would request users to give a try as most of them might be of significant use for us in some or the other ways. So here it goes…scroll your eyes down….

Google Mars

I don’t know how many of you are aware of this wonderful tool. For those who are keen on exploring the neighbour of earth, the Mars,, Google Mars  could be your ultimate choice. From images and information gathered by Google directly from NASA, I think it is one of the best exploration tools by Google. Google uses Google Map feature in the functioning of this tool. I am very much impressed with the ease of using  it.

Google Sketchup

If you are an architect or designer looking for getting a realistic look of how your creativity will look from all the aspects, then Google Sketchup will do the job for you. It is a 3D drawing tool compatible with both PC and Mac systems. I just gave it a try and it worked well without any flaws to point out.

Google Web Accelerator

It was a tool designed for quicker loading of the web pages. It is made possible through techniques such as data compression, content pre-fetching and sharing of the cached data. I am disappointed to say that this service has been stopped and is no longer available for download and installation.

Google App Engine

It is a bit technical thing…. which is designed exclusively for coders in hosting their applications on Google Servers without any need to pay. But Google has recently started hosting paid features also.

Google Website Optimizer

Website optimization is an important aspect for any webmasters. Google has introduced a tool named Google Website Optimizer which allows web developers to test their website and its contents. I saw the tool having the potential to be an integral part of users who want to do marketing of their products through online medium. The tool will help users in the creation and development of profitable advertising campaigns and thereby make the website more popular.

Google Browser Sync

This tool was developed by Google in promoting Firefox. It was quite interesting to see the service synchronizing Firefox bookmarks and saved passwords. Users can then access them from anywhere.

This is all for the time-being. I will for sure let you all know more Google tools that most of them might not be aware of in any of my future posts.



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