Madhuri Dixit unveils first online dance academy


Feb 27, 2013: Madhuri Dixit in an effort to leverage on her brand equity has announced plans of launching the first of its online dance academy along with her husband Shriram Nene. The online dance academy will allow the viewers to learn dance online in an interactive and social atmosphere. The experts feel that this move is surely going to be a game changer with the fan following that Madhuri has around the world. The power of brand Madhuri can be judged from the endorsement fees she charges even though she has not acted in a single movie since 2007. Madhuri Dixit Nene commands endorsement fees of Rs.3-3.5 crores for a two year contract.

Madhuri Dixit would be looking into other verticals like fragrances, jewellery and as well as online medical services as well along with her husband Shriram Nene as part of the broad plan. As of now they are just starting with the online dance academy. Initially the dance academy model will be free and in the long run it might become a paid one. The online dance academy will also be looking for sponsors and they would be starting initially with one sponsor model.

The Bollywood industry has applauded this latest development and many in the industry feel that this would be a good platform for individuals looking to learn dance moves as when it comes to dance Madhuri is often looked as a reference point. In the words of Karan Johan, “It is a very intelligent move because apart from the huge fan following she still has, Madhuri’s brand value is tremendous. For everybody who wants to be a star, she is the reference point. And the way she has balanced her life — mother, wife and actor — adds to the respect she commands.”


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