Maggi ban: Sandwich, popcorn and bread sales increase


Bread, sandwich makers and popcorns makers have been the big gainers due to the Maggi ban. Now, Maggi has been relaunched, so these categories might return to their earlier growth rates.

As per the data shared by the e-commerce giant Flipkart, the sale of products such as popcorn makers, sandwich makers, toasters and other small appliances increased by 50 percent per month from June. Earlier, the same was only 10 percent per month for almost a year. The ban of Maggi that was effective June 5 has led to the growth of the sales of the above mentioned products.

The data from Flipkart shows that the unprecedented growth in the snack maker category is visible all over the country. Maggi was highly popular in the country, especially among those who stayed in hostels. Valida Mendonco, a student in the final year of radiation therapy at a university in Manipal stated that one bowl of Maggi was consumed in the college canteen during lunch everyday and it was switched to sandwiches after the ban. Anant A, a student pursuing civil engineering at the Manipal Institute of Technology stated that his friends purchased sandwich makers after the Maggi ban.

The information from Bigbasket, the online grocer also confirmed this trend. The company revealed the data of 500 big Maggi consuming households. On analyzing the same, it has come to light that bread and eggs are among the three items whose sale has been increased after the Maggi ban. The consumers seem to have reduced the purchase of products similar to Maggi.

As per the Co-Founder and CEO of the online grocer, Hari Menon, Maggi is back in the stores in certain states, but it could be tough for the instant noodles brand to grow. This is because the sales of this category has been affected sharply after the ban of Maggi.


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