Managing 4 Unique Traits of TV Advertisement Viewers


We looked at 4 unique traits of TV advertisement viewers often ignored by advertisers. The first one was the excessive display of the brand logo in the commercials that seemed to give a very pushy picture.  The second and third addressed the emotions that are impacted. While some commercials fail to address joy and excitement, others don’t seem to be giving an emotional roller coaster ride to get your viewers hooked on.  Lastly, there is a group of viewers who just won’t talk about your commercials whether or not they like it! Now how do you go about addressing these challenges?

The answer to the first challenge lies in answering a simple question. Will commercial be more interesting if brand image and the message to be communicated are developed by the company on its own? Advertisers who have said yes to this question seem to have increased viewership by 20%. OF course your content must carry your positioning. Think Raymond ads, the last 3 seconds only reveal that the commercial is from Raymond; rest of the ad gives a very gentlemen like touch just like the positioning.

The next solution is to eliminate the fact that viewers instantly get bored the moment they watch your commercial would be to instantly give them a surprise at the start of your commercial. I look forward to the next Flipkart series of ads to find out which kid will they give an adult makeover, even though i already know what the message will be! Any surprise from the brand ambassador with respect to the content or even the location could just do the trick!

Having those emotional variances in your commercial could address the third challenge. Two things that drive viewer interests are seeing something that keeps them happy and excited! Weaving in this the roller coaster rides in your content at appropriate instances will keep you customers hooked on. Lastly, having ads addressed to your target audiences will push the chances of your brand being spoken about more.

A lot of advertisers may be implementing some of these strategies but it’s important that more advertisers continue to do so. After all, think about the budget that goes into all this, so you have to make the most of it!


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