Mango based products dominate beverages, candy and more categories


It is well known that mango is the king of fruits, but do you know that mango is even the king of processed foods as well as beverages. Well, it can be used in different categories from tea to candies. That is the sweet fact about the mango fruit.

The sweetest fact is the market size that the mangoes have captured. The market is worth Rs 8,000 crore and it is growing at a rapid pace. The branded mango products market challenges that of chocolates of different kinds.

Starbucks has made a pleasing discovery showing that Indians can be mango people. The beverages chain headquartered in the U.S. has come up with a tea made of alphonso puree and Alphonso Frappucino. Skeptical about its taste? Well, the mango offerings from Starbucks was a great hit with the Indians and even the beverages chain is exporting the frappucino made in India to the other Asian markets.

Manmeet Vohra, the marketing head at Tata Starbucks, stated that designed and created here, the beverage became the bestseller in 2015. It contains 100 percent alphonso puree and it prompted other markets in the Asia Pacific region to source the same ingredients from them. They will be taking the product to Indonesia, Malaysia, and Hong Kong this year.

The mango frappucino is just an example that the mango fruit is dominating the market with ice candies and soft drinks that are flavored with the fruit.

Of the many flavors in the portfolio of Paper Boat, Aam Ras is the best selling product proving the preference given to mango based products. Another proof is the raw mango flavored candy known as Pulse from DS Group that is priced at Re 1. It is close to topping Rs 150 crore in terms of sales in just nine months of its launch.

There is mango even in booze. Mango Surprise is a product available at United Sports Bar and Grill that is made of mango puree and rum.





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