Marketing by organizing events


Our life is always a journey filled with surprises, fantasies and mysteries. A lot of happiness, sorrows and disappointments will come and go frequently. All this comes in the form of an arrangement that is coordinated accordingly. Wondering what it is? It is none other than “Events”. I can imagine the number of beautiful events that must be rushing through your mind reading this in which you have been a part. Event does not only come in family celebrations but it can also take place in the market as a part of branding or advertising a company and its products…Want to know more? Let’s take a ride deep inside.

Companies engaging in organizing events first should realize its importance and excitement of organizing the same. Depending upon the company and time, the events can differ in the way they are organized but the objective remain to be same i.e. to grab the attention and to interact with the customers directly. It requires immense  team work to put the ideas forward.

Events can be considered to be an effective marketing tool if utilized well. The strategy that a company follows in order to get attention may be quite interesting but there are some important guidelines that companies should follow while organizing events.

First of all there should be a pinch of innovation in the events organized. People tend to grasp and get attracted to events that are new and mesmerizing in the long run; like the event organized by a leading electronics distributor in Kerala. Last month, when the electronics distributor opened its new showroom, the firm roped in a group of Post Graduate students to organize an event. The students team organized games like lucky dip and programmes like “who wants to be a millionaire” etc. The event was a great success and it gave the customers a new feel and environment than what they had expected from the shop.

Similar is the case with Bhuvanes, founder of Doughnut households. On the very first day of outlet opening, he sent a message on Face book stating that the 1st 50 customers would win a box of doughnuts if they had clicked on his banner. You won’t believe it that the strategy implemented was so successful that amazing responses kept popping in.

Another important aspect is that one should definitely not forget to thank the people (whoever it may be) who have taken the pain to be of part of your event. This practice helps in building relationships and customers in business. Talking of this, a smaller version of the focus should also be given to the journalists present, as once they get convinced of the product; they make it a point of conducting interviews, reviews of the product through their newspapers etc.

It is also important to have a person at the venue who is technically updated with all aspects of organizing the event and who is approachable too. In addition, it is also important to set timeline for all the aspects of the events starting from welcoming to thanksgiving.

When planning an event, remember that, it is always an experiment at first. It is not easy to organize an event but truly easy to get the feedback from it. Learning through mistakes and moving up the ladder makes a lot of difference.




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