[Marketing Communication Tool]Infographics


Infographics which is also known as information graphics is a way of representing complex data with the help of visual tools so that it becomes easy to understand at a glance.  Infographics can be used to easily communicate a message, to make others understand a trend, to present large amount of data and to analyze changes in varied period of times.

In companies infographics was used by management in form of charts, graphs, histograms to present the complex data to their employees. However, infographics is now gaining popularity in companies as a means to communicate with their consumers.  The interest of people to have a look on numbers and statistics and the demand for text based information to be more visually pleasing are making infographics an essential marketing tool for companies today.  Infographics story telling element keeps people interesting in the content they are reading that would otherwise be dry and uninteresting. Infographics also help the companies to get additional social media exposure.

Examples of Infographics


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