Marketing during COVID-19: New Strategies for a New World


The world has never been so quiet, at least in the last few years. Some businesses shut down, some paused their operations, and some utilized this situation. For marketers, it’s time for learning and reinventing. Nature is testing our capabilities and value systems. We have to overcome this critical situation.

Now, businesses are starting to resume their operations. Instead of focusing on profits, they are connecting clients more personally and helping those in need.

Before re-entering the market, you have to answer the question, ‘Are you ready and what are your plans?’

Marketing during COVID19

During COVID19, Marketing strategies are very important for every organization. Because, the clients may forget about your business in this chaos. Make sure that the brand is still in their mind.

Marketing during COVID19 does not mean talking about your product continuously, you have to provide some extra value from the normal offering. For example, a free delivery or a risk-free cancellation.

For grabbing the attention of your target market, your digital presence is very important. It helps to boost your brand value in the market. Here is how to do it;

Digital Advertising

Bidding strategies: Now, the competitor market has changed. Sticking on the same automated bidding strategies will not work anymore. You have to experiment with both manual and automated bidding strategies. Also, you should periodically monitor the effectiveness of those strategies. Most of the established marketers are following A/B testing, to find out will strategy is more effective.

Keywords: Keywords are a powerful tool to optimise your digital content. You can adopt a better keyword strategy by monitoring the google trends and reviewing the search term reports on google analytics. It helps to analyze the queries of customers duringCOVID19

Device strategy: You must also monitor; from which type of device you have the most traffic from and make sure that your website is compatible with that kind of device. Nowadays, people are more using mobile devices. So, the website must be mobile-friendly.

Remarketing: If you are stuck in your marketing plan due to this situation, don’t worry, you can approach them through remarketing after this COVID19.

Ad extensions: Sometimes, your ad will run perfectly. But the customer may find it difficult to contact you. So, you must add proper ad extensions like contact number, location info etc.

Focus on Content

Many studies show that there is a huge hike in the rate of people in reading, watching, and listening to online media in this lockdown period. So, you have to give more focus on the content. It must be unique and engaging. You can create articles, podcasts, infographics, short videos, or anything you want. Always remember to stand out from the crowd.

So, don’t hide behind your logo. Utilize the market opportunities to generate more leads to your business. Get ready for the new marketing strategy for the new brave world.


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