Marketing Research trends for 2013


One way to improve sales is to improve the effectiveness of marketing and there are many businesses and marketers banking on it. Organizations which adopt new marketing techniques and remain in par with the changing technology have seen better results coming their way. But a research study shows that there are plenty of organizations that need to improve on their marketing techniques. The demands are for the basics; there are still so many organizations clinging to old spreadsheets and outdated technology.

The research focuses on the ways organizations can adopt to maximize profits and produce better results. This involves using better technology and practices for faster and smarter operations. The top three trends in technology according to the market study are analytics, collaboration and mobility. The research also shows that the mobile technologies like smartphones and tablets are becoming more common and are integrated with sales applications and tools which have now accessible at anyplace and anytime.

The 2013 trend also shows a growth in the availability of various software for cloud computing. This allows businesses to configure software for their organization. Next in the list, is analytics? Advancements in analytics, especially sales have enabled industries and businesses perform better. This helps them to understand business, predict and plan sales.

The research study shows that 2013 will have a heavy market competition. Sales management software still holds a place in business since its inception 15 years back. Sales forecasting research finds better ways to improve sales and manage them. It also finds areas of improvement that could have a deep impact on course-correcting sales activities. Forecasting is hence the top priority of almost 65 per cent of the organizations. Sales organizations who have limited resources must put in use the best practices rather than wasting time on technologies that cannot be deployed.

Sales organizations are expected to find better consistency with configuration, pricing and quote processes getting automated. Things which are considered old are still new with sales. Applying talent and new sales management processes can benefit the organizations.

Organizations which are going to extensively use technology to maximize their potential and retain sales teams are going to grow better in 2013. They can also provide better ways for financial profitability and customer satisfaction.


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