MarTech tools for B2B high in demand amid Covid-19


Lockdown and such kind of social distancing measures have forced businesses to depend entirely on the digital space. With state and local governments also restricting people to their workplace, working remotely is the only option left. Digital space has become their new work space.

Marketing technology often called as MarTech is no longer a symbol of supremacy for the so called business giants. In the current scenario, most organizations are utilizing the perks of automation tools with some even getting hands on augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality applications. Businesses are now investing more on MarTech stacks during the lockdown period.

MarTech tools have become such an important weapon in getting an upper hand in the clash between the companies. Today’s time for businesses means surviving by adapting to the dynamic environment by endowing with essential technologies. Some of the benefits of using B2B MarTech stack:

Increase in sales productivity and ROI

Several studies across many organizations have found that marketing automation tools improved sales productivity and found a significant decline on marketing overhead for B2B marketers who used MarTech tools.

Elimination of human error

Any human errors caused may have an adverse impact on the business processes but with the right use of the right software, human errors could be eliminated by automating the processes.

Better alignment of sales and marketing team

MarTech software and tools help improve the job of sales and marketing people by helping to align their efforts. They also help in aligning with the sales-ready leads which in turn helps in focusing on the more important prospects.

Increased marketing efficiency

B2B marketing automation tools help by automating the time-consuming, manual tasks of managing, scheduling and planning. It also helps improve communication with sales which all in turn improves productivity and increases marketing efficiency.

Generation of high-quality leads

Marketing technology tools help to combine and process multi-category data such as firmographic, demographic and behavioural data to generate high-quality sales lead.

Understanding the company needs and identifying the right kind of tool are important before investing in any B2B MarTech stack. It is advisable to include MarTech in the business strategy and to create objectives that align with the company requirements.


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