Maruti 800 to Alto 800…Journey Continues


Once known as the car of middle class India, Maruti 800 is now changing to Maruti Alto 800….  The launch of this new entry level car is supposed to happen by October 16, 2012, though the first look has been revealed on various sites.

Since the launch of the first car from Maruti Suzuki in 1983, it is considered as one of the most adorable cars, after bulky Ambassadors and noisy Premier Padmini. Maruti 800 which was well known for its small compact size and beauty during the past years is now outdated as far as the technology, poor driving effort, and bad interiors is concerned. Maruti Alto is in fact known for better engine performance, better fuel efficiency, and good interiors.

In fact the journey from Maruti 800 to Maruti Alto 800 reveals the dynamic behavior of India’s car market during the last 30 years. Changes in economy and business also add to this issue.

New Alto 800 is definitely targeting young minds, with its sportier look and zippy style. The car expected to be priced below Rs 2.5 lakh, will remain the cheapest car in Indian roads after Tata Nano. Another noticeable feature of Alto 800 is its new 796 cc petrol engine that delivers fuel economy up to 22.7 kmpl. A lot of other features are also upgraded in this newly developed version, when compared to Maruti 800.

According to Mr. RC Bhargava, Chairman, Maruti  Udyog Ltd, Maruti is targeting for a annual sales of 100,000 units of Alto 800 within five years of launch. The company had started prelaunch bookings for cheapest priced small car from its stable hoping to repeat the magic of its Maruti 800, Swift and other models. Through prelaunch bookings, customers can book the car online, even before knowing the exact price tag.

So guys, Alto 800 is going to start its journey. Hope Alto 800 will beat its competitors and can win the minds of the customers as Maruti 800 did nearly three decades ago.


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