McDonald’s goes veggie in India, Why?


My mom keeps telling me, “Eat to live and don’t live to eat”. Now how is that possible when these awesome food outlets keep emerging with new and exciting flavors and dishes? Here comes McDonalds with a venture of rolling down the veggie lovers into the world of taste and fun.

McDonald’s entered India nearly one hand half decades ago and they were quite famous worldwide for their mouthwatering beef burgers. To keep in pace with the changing consumer tastes they enhanced their menu by including wraps, smoothies, salads and fruit. In India, except for Kerala, beef has been banned in all the other states, making this meal a big failure. But McDonald’s was quite innovative enough to convince their consumers in not letting them go off and they brought in better Indian flavors that suited the local consumers.

McDonald’s has always taken the right step in understanding the needs of their consumers. This act is quite evident in their efforts to start a veggie outlet for the vegetarians next year at the foothills of the Vaishno Devi Shrine in Jammu and Kashmir. Well guys I must say that this is not a bad idea at all as Indians to an extent are religious and the majority of the Hindu population are vegetarians. It would be a fair game for McDonald’s to play around these teachings to get their business going.

Fast food has always been a craze to people especially among the youth. It is said that foreigners are the ones who consume this the most due to which 80% of the population are obese. But take my word; these facts are never goanna change the eating habits of food lovers.

Burgers and sandwiches of course could be more health friendly as they do add in an equal amount of vegetables along with the meat. Ofcourse in the menu we are seeing only a less number of veggie meals. This may be because the demand for these veggie sandwiches has not reached the expected limits.

I would say the fast food outlet, has also taken a measure in conducting a corporate social responsibility towards the consumers’ well being too. In addition to understanding their tastes and wants, they are also fulfilling the promises of service, quality, value and cleanliness.

Other famous restaurants such as Pizza Hut, Subway and Dominos have already entered the market in establishing veggie outlets. This is going to be real fun to see how McDonald’s is goanna fight with its competitors for survival.

By the way, it makes me wonder how KFC, the worlds everlasting finger licking outlet will come up with a strategy in continuing with the same if required. Will they change their initial KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) to KFV (Kentucky fried veggie) or will they come up with something that could create ripples in the minds of the people? The answer remains a mystery.


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