McDonald’s plans to extend All-Day Breakfast campaign in India


The quick service restaurant chain McDonald’s is assessing the possibility to expand its All-Day Breakfast campaign in both the United States and Indian cities. The burger chain is hoping that the corporate clients will definitely subscribe to this idea of having out-of-home breakfast.

Ranjith Paliath, the Vice President of Business Operations of McDonald’s India of West and South stated as follows. He claimed that McDonald’s is eager to build out-of-home options for breakfast and make it a category in India. Right now, the company is evaluating the changes of an All-Day Breakfast campaign in the country. He also stated that they might try to build the breakfast option with the McDelivery Service. He is in-charge of overseeing the 213 restaurants in the West and South regions of the country.

The McDonald’s breakfast menu comprises of wholesome as well as grilled platter along with veg or egg and sausage muffin, hot cakes along with maple syrup, hash brown and McCafe offerings. The quick service restaurant offers breakfast servings between 7 AM and 11 AM in the country.

In the smaller cities, the restaurant opens at 9 AM. However, the menu is available only after 11 AM. The items in the menu are regular ones and not breakfast options. The All-Day-Breakfast campaign is introduced in the US since this month. It is intended to liberate breakfast. Amidst the slumping sales, this move is the major strategic decision taken since 2009 claimed the United States McDonald’s President Mike Andres. It is the biggest strategy decision taken by the restaurant chain since 2009 when it launched its McCafe lineup.

The All-Day Breakfast campaign on the social media website Twitter for the US customers claims that the breakfast menu is available beyond 10.30 am. Breakfast is progressing into a sweet spot for the restaurant segments all through the world. There are 18 percent of the people consuming breakfast out of their home in India. He claimed that there is space to grow and they hope to collaborate with the B2B for the breakfast option.






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