Mercedes-Benz India launches new multimedia campaign, launches new film for CLA 45 AMG sedan on YouTube


July 15, 2014: Mercedes-Benz India launched a new multimedia campaign in support for its launch of CLA 45 AMG sedan. The new ad film which was released on YouTube first will start going air on TV from 22nd July. This is the date when the car will be launched in India. This commercial which has been conceptualised by Creativeland Asia happens to be the first such commercial produced by the brand in India.

Eberhard Kern, MD and CEO, Mercedes-Benz India, was quoted as saying about the new campaign ‘Ah My God’, “As the CLA 45 AMG will reach out to a whole new young customer group, we are launching the ‘Ah My God’ campaign which includes the first-ever India-specific TV commercial.” He further added, “The excitement and buzz already generated in the digital space even before the car’s India launch, is a testimony of the inherent strength of brand AMG and the bright prospect of the CLA 45 AMG.”

The new ‘Ah My God’ campaign film opens with shooting stars and a super that asks viewers when was the last time they felt something that just couldn’t be put into words. The super further asks when was the last time the viewer felt an emotion as indescribable as the experience itself. The ad goes on to say: “Honestly, we get that feeling often.” As the ad comes to an end the performance of the car is showcased on a race track. The ad ends with ‘Ah My God!’ since the brand says that it could not find an expression to capture the ‘indescribable feeling’ of driving the car.

 Mercedes-Benz ‘Ah My God’ campaign

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