Mobile Phone turned 40 today


April 4, 2013: After the first mobile call was placed by Martin Cooper who worked with Motorala as the head of a team working on mobile communication technologies it’s been 40 years since that landmark was achieved. Mobile phone turned 40 today. The first device which was used as a mobile phone was developed by Motorola. It weighed one kilogram had battery life of 20 minutes and used Motorola DynaTAC.

40 years after the first mobile phone was developed, the entire communication landscape has changed over the years. A device which was used for communication i.e. to talk is now being used for many purposes. Mobile devices no more remains as a communication device it is now an information device, an entertainment device and a lot more packed into one. As the transformation in the communication landscape happens an entirely new ecosystem is also getting evolved of new applications, new devices, and new browsers and so on.

The people, world over have slowly moving away from basic mobile phones and adopting smartphones. The companies like Apple, Samsung and Nokia dominate the scene and Motorola which was the pioneer in mobile phone even after getting acquired by Google is in a bad shape. The number of mobile phones sold in a year across the world has also reached mind boggling figures. According to IDC, 900 million smartphones and equal number of basic mobile phones will be sold across the world in 2013.


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