Mobile Web Watch 2012 – Study by Accenture


Thanks to better mobile technology, better gadgets, better connectivity, mobile devices are becoming a fast paced medium of access to the world of the internet. A survey by Accenture across 13 countries in multiple continents captures they key trends in behaviour as far as the mobile internet usage is concerned. This survey captures the usage of key mobile gadgets like smatphones, tablets and netbooks.

The report throws out some interesting stats like 70% of the internet users access the web through mobile devices as well or 45% of the respondents above the age of 50 use mobile internet or 46% conduct banking transactions through their mobile devices. The study also highlights the usability of apps and the social media in which, 62% access Facebook through mobile devices about 71% have downloaded apps or programs onto their devices! The twist here is that a whopping 70% have concerns over data security since security for mobile devices are yet to get as effective as the ones for PCs. So much for these stats for now. You can get access to these numbers by clicking here

Getting deeper into the study following are some key findings in the report:

  • Nations with highest users – South Africa and Brazil were the top 2 nations in terms of number of users accessing the web through the mobile internet. Germany, France and Finland were the bottom 3.
  • More personal than business – about 60% of the respondents who connect to the web using a smartphone do so for personal use while only 20% of them used it for business use.
  • World is connected: about 85% of the users connect to the web from their mobile devices at least once a day!
  • Gen X taking over: users between the age groups of 14-29 seemed to have taken a lions share of 80% in web access through mobile devices
  • App Juggernaut – Today, there is an app for almost anything and users are exploring them. About 71% have downloaded apps on their devices!
  • Video Streaming– About 57% of the users have viewed videos over the web through these devices.
  • Scope for monetization – a cool 87% of the users don’t mind shelling out some cash for premium services and also about 78% of the users would love to use cloud technology – this presents a huge scope for monetizing these services.

There’s only one thing to say – mobile internet has a huge scope and can be a win-win for users as well as Communication Service Providers. There are only a few things to fix in terms of security; mobile internet usage is going to explode in the days to come!

Read all about the study here.


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