Moto E smartphone stock runs out at Flipkart


May 16, 2014: Motorola Mobility now a Google company has run out with its stock of Moto E smartphones within days of its launch. Moto E smartphones which are sold through Flipkart will be resumed within a week to 10 days according to a statement from the online retailer. Flipkart with which Motorola Mobility had an exclusive tie up had stocked between 80,000 and 1 lakh units expecting that it will be sold in days to come but the entire stock was sold out by mid-day Wednesday.

The demand of Moto E smartphones have been so much that within hours of its launch there was a temporary shutdown of Flipkart’s website. Speaking about this development spokeswomen from Flipkart was quoted as saying “Based on the phenomenal response saw with Moto G, we anticipated a big spike in midnight traffic for Moto E and we scaled up all our web services accordingly. But the pace at which the Moto E purchases shot up at midnight caused the checkout process to slow down for about 30 minutes.”

Motorola Mobility which launched Moto E at an aggressive price of Rs.6,999 seems to have struck gold with the positive response from the market. Now with this success of the US-based company in India, Motorola is said to arrange fresh devices from China to meet the demand.


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