Mozilla to start selling low cost smartphone in India: WSJ report


June 12, 2014: Wall Street Journal has reported that Technology firm Mozilla which is more famous for its internet browser Firefox would start selling a low cost smartphone in India and Indonesia later this year. Mozilla smartphones would run on Firefox OS and would be priced at around USD 25 in these markets. The company has tied up with Chinese low cost chip maker Spreadtrum and already has tie ups with four handset makers including LG Electronics and ZTE Corp.

This scheduled launch is seen as well within the scheme of thing of Mozilla wherein the COO of Mozilla has talked about differentiating user experience in 2014. Mozilla Chief Operating Officer, Jay Sullivan had said earlier in the year that “In 2014, we are differentiating our user experience and our partners are growing the portfolio of devices. We are also enabling a whole new category of smartphone, priced around USD 25, that will bring even more people around the world online,”

Mozilla launched its smartphones in July last year and since then has expanded into 15 markets. Nearly after 1 year of its launch in the global market the technology firm would be launching it in India and Indonesia. The biggest highlight of Mozilla smartphone is it’s Firefox OS which is not like Google’s Android or Apple’s iOs which are proprietary technology. The biggest advantage of this OS is that anybody who is familiar with Web programming can create Firefox OS apps.


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