Name given to Elon Musk’s baby inspires SBI’s net banking tip for customers


An interesting name choice by Elon Musk for his baby has most of the internet confused. SBI took this as an opportunity to emphasize on the importance of having a unique password for their net banking accounts. SBI through their twitter handle suggested that people not use the names of their family members as passwords, they tweeted “Here’s a friendly reminder to update your passwords and don’t set it as a family member’s name!”.

In the off chance your account lands in the hands of a hacker, one of the first things they do is guess the name of your family members, and if they happen to guess it right, then your money will be in jeopardy. The process of recovery will be a long drawn out battle, save yourselves the hassle by using a unique password.

Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla) and his girlfriend Grimes had recently shared a picture of their new born on Twitter. The Twitterati has been on the fence on what this name meant and how exactly one was to pronounce it, funny story is that even the parents were seen to have a bit of a confusion on the same. To ease their minds, Musk’s girlfriend responded, “‘X’ stands for the unknown variable”, ‘AE’ is the musician’s ‘elven spelling of Ai (love or artificial intelligence), ‘A2’ is, as gathered, a reference to the Lockheed A12, or in Grime’s words, the ‘precursor to [the] SR17 (our favourite aircraft). No weapons, no defences, just speed. Great in battle, but non-violent”. Grimes added, “A= Archangel, my favourite song”, but Musk went on to explain it as “So, X is just the letter X, Æ is pronounced as Ash. And, A-12 is my contribution and it is just pronounced as A-12.”, both parents happen to have a different explanation forÆ. They wrapped things up with the words “metal rat”. Metal rat is the name given to the current year by Chinese zodiac. Thisis the year of the rat.

The SBI had recently sent a mail to all its customers. The letter was titled, ‘A letter for your safety’, which laid down six important tips that customers must follow to bank safely online.


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